Messages screen freezing

After v2.1.9 UIKit SDK started freezes app after open file message first time(not before cached image).
This is due to the use of a synchronous thread in the viewDidLoad method, which is a movetón

Copied the description of the issue here, because developers aren't responding on github :frowning:

Our users send lot of images, so we still should use old version of SDK in app

Hi @nab0y4enko,

Welcome to the Sendbird community. I’ll connect with our Engineering team to better understand what is going on here.

As a note, we do not accept external pull requests.

Thanks for quick answer! Will wait this fix. Also you can just review my PR - I’ve marked problem place

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Hello @Tyler
Do you have any updates about fix of this issue?

No attempt was made in v2.2.1 to fix this bug.
Screens still freeze when first opening media file.
I still have to use v2.1.8 (SendBirdSDK 3.0.238) instead of latest :roll_eyes:

Hi @Tyler
Do you have any info about this reported issue from devs?

Hello @Tyler
I hope SendBird developers will pay attention to this issue in next year.
Happy holidays!

Hello @nab0y4enko,
I checked up this issue.
We will modify the logic of caching files to separate them from the main queue.
And, modified version will be deploy this week.

Sorry for the late confirmation, Thanks for the reporting!

Thanks. Looks like already fixed in last version!

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Oh, you already checked the last version!
The last version is 2.2.2.
Thank you!