Multi-device iOS push notification support

Hello, I’ve checked the documentation but could not find a suitable answer on the following question:

Is it possible for the same user to receive push notifications while being logged in on multiple iOS devices? I only see one push token being registered in the user dashboard and it refreshes each time I log in on a new device. Our usecase allows users to use multiple devices (let’s say 1+ phone and one iPad) and we need to send the push notifications to all the registered devices.


Hi @sergiu.ncy, you should be able to register device tokens for multiple devices to a singular user. We actually support up to 20 APNs tokens per user. You mentioned that you’re only seeing on device token being registered at a time. Is there any change you’re unregistering tokens from other devices?

From a Setting perspective, you’ll need to enable Multi-Device support for push notifications to be triggered when one device is online: Push notifications | Chat iOS SDK | Sendbird Docs

Hey Tyler, thanks for your clarifications. I checked the code again and looks like the guys who implemented it used the unique flag when registering tokens. Double checked and works as expected.