Notifications for multiple devices

We have found something that we were not able to see from the docs, we want to support multi device mode for our customers which means multiple push tokens (either FCM or iOS equivalent) per user. The team cannot currently see any guidance on this so I am reaching out to see how we can satisfy our use case. A use case is for example having the same user logged in to multiple devices and getting a call notification on all of them.

hello @David_K

In SendBirdCall.registerVoIPPush and SendBirdCall.registerRemotePush, parameter unique exists.
I think you can use this to solve it.
Other platforms also have the same parameter that provides the same functionality.

Reference Link (SendBirdCall Class Reference)

Ah, great. Missed that. Currently its on unique: true in production, if we change it to false will there be any adverse effect on the current users? @damon.park

When a call occurs, a ringing notification will be sent to both previous devices where the token is registered and the current device.

Got it, thanks for the quick response @damon.park