New channels listed last in GroupChannelListQuery

When I query my list of group channels, ordered by “latest_last_message”, the new channels I haven’t accepted yet are listed last and have “last_message: null”.
This is a big inconvenience in my scenario where I’m only querying 10 channels at a time.
If I have more than 10 “accepted” channels, the “invited” ones will not be returned in the first batch even if they have messages more recent than all of the “accepted channels”.
I have users with 300+ channels.
When someone sends them a message on a new channel, they have to scroll to the end of the list to see the new channel.

[SDK Version]

[Reproduction Steps]

  • Have a large number of “accepted” Group Channels, all with messages sent a while ago, let’s say 15 “accepted” channels, all of them with messages sent more than 3 days ago
  • Be invited to a Group Channel with messages sent in the past 3 days
  • Query 10 channels ordered by “latest_last_message”
    const query = sendbird.GroupChannel.createMyGroupChannelListQuery();
    query.includeEmpty = true;
    query.limit = 10;
    query.order = "latest_last_message";, error) => {/* 
        we get 10 channels, ordered by latest_last_message
        but doesn't include the most recent one, which we haven't accepted yet
        but has messages
  • Query 10 additional channels, error) => {/* 
        we get the remaining 6 channels, ordered by latest_last_message
        except the newest channel, not accepted yet
        that comes last in the list
        with last_message: null
        despite the fact that it does have messages


[Current impact]
Users don’t see the new channels in the list and they may have to scroll through hundreds of channels to find the new ones they have just been invited to.