New message notification in foreground

So when sendbird is not sending push notifications when an app is online (in foreground) what is the best way to inform the user, that there are new messages?

the main use case for my app is to browse marketplace items, the chat is only a small part of it. So the user browsers a long time and will not receive any notifications, that there are new chat messages.

Thanks a lot for your help

if user is online (or foreground), you can utilize event handlers Event handler | Chat Android SDK | Sendbird Docs

So i need to register an event handler for each channel of the user to possible get updates of messages?

Should I do that in Application::onCreate or where is the best place for that?

No you don’t have to register an event handler for each channel. Theres an example on docs.
For second question, it depends but encourage to register before you call connect method.