New patch versions break our builds

Hello, we’re using the JavaScript SDK and every so often a new patch version is released that breaks our builds. The company I work for is pretty large and we’re now evaluating Sendbird alternatives due to patch versions breaking existing code (mainly due to the types changing). Obviously moving off of Sendbird would be disappointing, but the work to move to later patch versions always causes extra work for us to diagnose the issue and fix. It would be helpful if Sendbird either:

  1. Adheres to semver specification and use major version increments for breaking changes or
  2. Allow us to see the unminified, source files so that we can see the actual code that was changed (minified files makes this extremely painful)

Is there any effort to help consumers by giving us early notice whenever a patch version includes breaking changes? Thanks for any information you can provide.

Hello @mkay581, Thank you so much for your feedback.
We will bring this to the team’s attention that handles the JavaScript SDK and work to avoid these challenges in the future! At this time, we cannot share the unminified source code for the SDKs.
If you would like to contact us directly, customers are always welcome to contact us through the Sendbird Dashboard by filing an issue with our support team.

Thanks! I’m not sure if this warrants filing an issue with the support team. What exactly would I file? As an alternative, can you update this thread with the response from your team when you bring this to their attention? Maybe also let us know what steps your team will take to avoid the challenges in the future?

@mkay581 My apology for the inconvenience. It’d be great help to avoid these things if you’d give us which part is broken specifically. We’d make the best effort to keep it in the following releases. Thanks in advance!