SendBird Chat v3.0.160 (JavaScript) has been released! (2021-10-29)

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I have recieved an email stating:

Sendbird will remove the deprecated interfaces from the new release after December 31, 2021 . Until then, you’ll receive warnings about using them on the developing console. We strongly recommend that you replace these with new interfaces shown in the deprecation guide before they become unavailable.

It is unclear if this means sendbird will break for us after the 31st December or that we just need to upgrade the classes/methods when we next update. We are on version 3.0.98 (old I know), will this break come 2022?

Hi @liam,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community. I just responded to your support case but I’ll post it here for visibility as well.

Your current implementation will not break after December 31st unless you plan to upgrade to a more recent version. As mentioned in the email, in versions released after December 31st, we’ll completely remove the interfaces that are being deprecated where as currently they’re still included in the released but marked for deprecation.

If you were to continue to utilize a deprecated interface, and upgrade to a version released after December 31st, your code would break.

Additionally, 3.0.98 was released over 3 years ago. It may be worth considering an upgrade to a more recent version. We’ve released countless stability improvements and added additional features.