New Sendbird Chat v4, UIKit v3, and Flutter Web SDKs!

We have released three new Sendbird Chat SDKs using Swift, Kotlin, and Typescript. We’ve also released a new UIKit with a more modular architecture, as well as support for Flutter Web.

  • The new SDKs will provide a more modern developer experience and make chat integrations friendlier and faster.
  • The new UIKit introduces more flexibility for developers who want to quickly integrate chat and customize their UI.
  • With our new support for Flutter Web, developers can now use their mobile code to bring chat to web apps.

Read our blog for more details on tutorials, migration guides, schedules, and samples!

Happy migrations :computer: :rocket:

Hi Sendbird Team, what is the expected timeline for v4 to move fully out of beta? Also, is there a place I can find older releases? On the GitHub releases page, I can only see all the v4 related releases: Releases · sendbird/sendbird-chat-sdk-javascript · GitHub

I ask because we have a rare bug where the same group chat appears two times or more in a chat listing for a select few of our users, which (I believe) is related to the localstorage caching system, and I know there were a few small issues with this in v3. We are on 3.1.9, though again, I can’t see if there are newer v3 releases.

Hi @fullStackChris,

Let me double check on the ETA for GA release of V4. As for Non-V4 releases, you can find them in the V3 repo: GitHub - sendbird/SendBird-SDK-JavaScript: Sendbird Chat SDK for JavaScript for enablement of a rich, engaging, scalable, and real-time chat service.

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