Sendbird UIKit V3 is now Generally Available ๐Ÿš€

Weโ€™re proud to announce that UIKit v3 for Sendbird Chat has transitioned from beta to General Availability. UIKit v3 has implemented Chat v4 SDK and improved the overall quality of code.

This launch features a newly structured UIKit, which offers modularized components that can be customized more easily. You can now build a chat experience that better serves your usersโ€™ needs and create a branding of your choice.

Here are links to the key materials to get you going:

Overview of Sendbird UIKit V3:

If you are a user of UIKit v2, hereโ€™s how to migrate from v2 to v3:

Read our blog for more details, check out our tutorials, and get a head start with our new samples!

Happy customization! :computer: :rocket: