No event delegation method for hide channel

It appears for most chat updates there are delegate methods that are received. However, the ChatSDK provides an endpoint for hiding a channel, but that action doesn’t trigger a delegate method update and the channel, therefore, isn’t removed from the Channel List (UIKit).

Are there plans or alternatives for receiving hide/unhide channel events?

Hi @seths Thanks for the feedback. Just want to double check, are you using UIKit?

Yes, we’re using the UIKit, but the CoreSDK appears to not have an event delegation for Hide/Archive. So it doesn’t appear to be an issue in UIKit, but in the Core SDK.

Referring to SBDChannelDelegate. It contains events for most SendBird changes, but not Hide/Archive.

CoreSDK does have hide event channelWasHidden: but I don’t think UIKit handles this event at the moment. I will ping to the team and let you know for ETA.

We’re currently calling hideChannelWithHidePreviousMessages in SBDGroupChannel within the Core SDK.

Reference here: SBDGroupChannel Class Reference

It correctly works to set the channel to hidden. However, it’s missing the Event Delegation to be notified when this happens (so the channel can be automatically removed from view).

Hi, @seths
Thanks for letting me know the issue.
Currently, UIKit doesn’t handle hiding channel as a basis.
Please implement hiding channel methods and channelWasHidden(_ sender: SBDGroupChannel) delegate method.
Before calling SBUChannelListViewController viewDidLoad, please update SBUChannelListViewController customizedChannelListQuery to your own channel list query that includes the channel hidden state filter.

// code snippet
myListQuery?.channelHiddenStateFilter =  .hiddenPreventAutoUnhide // defaults: .unhiddenOnly
let channelListVC = SBUChannelListViewController()
channelListVC.customizedChannelListQuery = myListQuery

Thank you , that appears to be working on integrating the “channelWasHidden” delegate method.