Not able to build this quickstart-calls-directcall-react-native

When I am trying to build direct call react-native project then it throws error:

E:\quickstart-calls-directcall-react-native\node_modules\react-native-callkeep\android\src\main\java\io\wazo\callkeep\ error: package androidx.localbroadcastmanager.content does not exist
import androidx.localbroadcastmanager.content.LocalBroadcastManager;

Hi @itruck008
Recently react-native-callkeep has the above issue, and the issue is resolved, but they are not releasing to npm yet. (You can check here Android : adding localbroadcastmanager support (#594 Fix) by ohheyitskartik · Pull Request #596 · react-native-webrtc/react-native-callkeep · GitHub)

As a temporary workaround, you can update the package as shown below.

Thanks! app is build now, but after installing when I am calling from one device to another, I am not able to get any notification on receiver side.
device 1: caller1
device2: caller2

Is there any other changes required? Because I am able to build apk but not able to make call to another user?

Hi @itruck008, you may need to edit the project configures with yours

These configurations are already configured but still notifications are not coming.

Thanks its working now, we’re using wrong firebase server key for dev project. It is working now.