Not able to see message list in channel

I am using sendbird UIKIt but send my first message but not able to see above in my app

@Tanvi_Bhatia Welcome to sendbird community.
Could you please DM below details :
Which UIKit are you utilizing, please also provide the version details?
Please share me the app id, user id, channel url details and timestamp when you have sent the message.
Also if you could share a video while replicating the issue, that would be a help.

HI I am using Sendbird UIKIt .I have two different users wanna do chat amongs two can’t do .

One App:
Channel url:


User Id :tanvi.bhatia
App id:


On the other hand I have other user with id : UL_6585483

This happened to me too. When creating a group, when member_state = invited, one party cannot send or receive messages.