Notification in UiKit

Hi everyone,
can i use notification in web UiKit?
I am using React.js UiKit in web application. When user logged in to my application then if anyone send
message on sendbird chat then notify to user that "Receive one new message ".
have any idea about that Use Case?

Yeah, what kind of notification are you thinking? Here is a modified version of the official UIKit Composed React Sample with some toggles to show a toast and/or browser notification when a message is received.

This was created with an additional use case to toggle which tab maintains its connection when multiple tabs are open, which makes this a bit of overkill. You can ignore the ‘connection mode’ toggle. For implementation you will want to do something like this to listen for message events and then display a notification when a message is received.

Another good source is in your question here which covers receiving events. You can then display a browser notification with something like this. You will first want to make sure you request permission to display browser notifications like this.