Notifications feed and chat

Is there a way to show notifications like this in react native?

I was trying, and just got this, without content:

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Hi @paul12p ,

You can follow below :
For iOS: You can implement in NotificationServiceExtension. Refer to
Make sure “mutable_content” is on to have NotificationServiceExtension called.
For Android: It can be implemented using libs like Notifee and display custom style notification. Refer to and check Notifee.displayNotification is handled.

Let me know id this helps.

Sorry @rahul, I think you do not understand me, I already have my notification service and handlers,
what I need is implement this on react native:

Hello @paul12p,

Currently our React Native UIKit does not support our Notifications Product. Only our native Android and iOS UIKits do.

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is there a scope for this to be done? I am looking for the same service

We currently do not have an ETA on this feature however we did just release documentation that would allow you to build this yourself using our JS SDK, should you choose.

Thanks for the quick reply. For clarity, could you point me to the correct explicit resource? I have built out a functional react-native application for a client and we are looking for this functionality, happy to implement using the JS SDK but I will be honest, the documentation can be a bit daunting with the depth of features and configuration

You can find the documentation here about Notifications specifically: How to use Chat SDK for Notifications | Notifications | Sendbird Docs

One thing to note that when using the Core SDKs with our Notifications product, our Templates in the dashboard will not function as you expect. The Templates will more be a means of data transmission rather than a design template. We’re working on potentially releasing a package that would handle the rendering of the template but until then you’d use it as a way to send data and then render the notification as you want on the client side.