On a new SBDGroupChannel sometimes all members are the same

we have 2 users user1 and user2
sometimes when a SBDGroupChannel gets created by user one, with 2 members user1 and user2, but on the receiver side(user2) all channel.members are equal to user2, but on the sender side (user1) channel.members equals [user1, user2], the issue on the receiver side will eventually resolve on its own, sometimes takes few minutes, sometimes works fine, and in some rare casuist takes more than 1 or 2 days to correct itself.
in other words on a newly created SBDGroupChannel:

  • user1(sender/creator): channel.members = user1 & user2
  • user2(receiver): channel.members = user2 & user2 -> eventually corrects itself after sometime.

Hi @Cris_Warren

Thanks for reporting the issue. Let me know the version of the SDKs you are using. We’re going to look into it.

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Hi Jed,
thanks for the quick reply
this are our SendBird pods versions

  • SendBirdSDK (3.0.177)
  • SendBirdSyncManager (1.1.19):
    • SendBirdSDK (~> 3.0.156)

Hi @Jed_Gyeong Any updates on the issue, I waited a few updates with hopes it would be fixed but still happening

Hi @Cris_Warren

I’m sorry for the belated reply.

I was trying to reproduce your issue, but I couldn’t. I just checked the members of the group channel in the collection: didReceiveEvent:channels: delegate method of SBSMChannelCollectionDelegate and the channel object always had two different users as members.

Can you tell me a more specific scenario to reproduce the issue?

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Hi Jed,
well the issue it is hard to reproduce, since it doesn’t happen always, but it keeps popping up, generally happens when creating a brand new channel with a user you have never messaged before, most of the time it corrects itself after a while can be a few hours, sometimes 1 or 2 days.

got some steps… most of the times happens when a new user sends a new message to another user for the first time, it also happens when a user logs out(we perform a SBDMain.disconnect) and then we log back in with a different user(we connect again with the new user). and when he sends a message to someone, all user objects in the channels have the same data.

Hi @Cris_Warren - I shared a message back through your open support ticket to understand steps to reproduce in more detail. Happy to follow-up with you directly there.