Platform API sent messages - Push Notifications not received on IOS, Android


I’m currently using Chat SDK in my react-native app and Platform API from my admin backend server to send chat messages via group channel.

Messages sent between users via the Chat SDK is properly sending out Push notifications to both IOS and android. However, messages sent between users with Platform API from my server is not triggering any Push notifications to both IOS and android.

Through debugging, I have confirmed that push notifications from messages with Chat SDK are received but push notifications from messages with Platform API does not even trigger any os specific functions. I’m still figuring out where exactly the issue is but I reckon Sendbird requests APNs, FCM servers for push notification. Is there a possibility that it might be failing from there somewhere?

Also, I have read some replies to issues that you can implement a webhook callback in the server to handle events when messages are sent through group channel. But, I’m not sure if this is what I want and I would like to use this as a last resort. Are there any alternatives?


  • I have correctly set settings to send push to offline and online status in the dashboard
  • I have used both default and send_push: true sending messages with Platform API
  • Sending an admin message from Sendbird dashboard to the group channel with push notification enabled is also not triggering any push notifications on actual devices
  • I do have custom logic in IOS, Android natively to handle different push notifications from both Sendbird and Moengage. I have confirmed that push notifications from Sendbird via Chat SDK comes in to the device but not from messages sent with Platform API


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Chat SDK: 4.9.2
Platform API: v3

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  1. Follow Sendbird guide to properly setup APNs, FCMs, appropriate tokens, Sendbird Dashboard settings and confirm that push notifications actually work with Chat SDK.
  2. try to send message via Platform SDK or with Sendbird Admin Pannel and see if push notifications are received to actual devices

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Push notifications with Platform API is not received from both IOS, Android devices.

Nvm, It was just misconfiguration of push preference settings :slight_smile: