Pop to root when leave a channel


How to use PopToChannel function?

Hi we have saw that in v3.3.7 (Feb 28, 2023) with Chat SDK v4.4.0 release there is a new popToChannel() function in SBUBaseSelectUserViewController.

We don’t know how to override this function.

We have created the class:

class CustomInviteUserViewController: SBUInviteUserViewController {   
    override func popToChannel() {
        print("POP TO CHANNEL EVENT")

And set:
SBUViewControllerSet.InviteUserViewController = CustomInviteUserViewController.self

But popToChannel() never gets called.

We init the flow calling:

let channelListVC = SBUGroupChannelListViewController()
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(channelListVC, animated: true)

Can you please help us?
Thanks in advance.