Problem with 90 degree rotation when saving photos

Currently implementing the chat function, there is a problem that when sending a photo using the API, the photo is rotated 90 degrees and saved.

After checking the path and blob before sending, it seems to be in the normal direction, but it seems that the problem occurs after saving to Sendbird.
If the size of the sending file is large, it occurs in both ios and android, but when the size is reduced, only the android device is experiencing the issue.

I didn’t specify the version separately, but if there is a comment that it is necessary, I will write it.

Looking at other users’ community posts, it seems that the ability to read EXIF ​​can be turned off. Can I use this function too? Or if you have another solution, please share.

Job done. I found the ticket you already filled out.

thank you I confirmed that it works normally.