Sendbird chat image rotate V2

// Hi Sendbird-Team, as the user in the topic " Sendbird chat image rotate" I also have the same problem and answered on the ticket but got no response by now. Thats why I open this topic.

All problems that has come up with pictures rotated by 90 degree in chat seems to be solved internaly by some config changes on your side on a Sendbird-Application level.
Our problem is that we set up Applications based on our customers that want to use Sendbird in their environment. So even when you fix our current behaviours with the current Applications there will be new ones in the future and it would be helpful to solve it on our own. If this is not possible we can create a new topic when we have the need for it. :slight_smile:

When I should provide Sendbird-AppIds via PM let me know.

Thanks in advance!


Push to this topic due to no response!

This get urgent because we have a live showcase next week and need to solve this issue!!!

Best Tom