React ui kit was can not connected!

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Can I use one app id in both react ui kit and react-native ui kit?
It works fine in react-native, but it keeps failing to connect in react.

I added it to the whitelisted domains, but the problem occurs
Does it take time to register a domain?

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Hello @dentOne

Welcome to the Sendbird community!

Yes, you can use the same app ID for both React UI Kit and React Native UI Kit. However, if you are experiencing connection issues in React, it is possible that there may be other factors causing the problem. Adding the domain to the whitelist should allow the connection, but it is possible that it may take some time for the changes to take effect.

Just for testing purposes can you remove the whitelisted domains which you have added and try once?

Thank you for the reply
By setting the access token permission option to Deny login, the accessToken value is also passed to the SendbirdApp component.
Can this affect ?

Error picture attached

I’ve added it to the whitelisted domain, and I’ve tested it by removing it, but I can’t connect to all of them.