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I was wondering if anyone here has experience creating a list view of the user and “chat pop up window” using the SendBird UI kit. I was asked this and below is the inquiry I received.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Nush,

Thanks for sharing the document. We are looking for design exactly like Facebook. Do we have a UI kit for the list view of the user and chat popup window.

for example

We are looking to integrate into the website and Apps.

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This is theoretically possible, but, you have to manage channelUrls in your app. I will try to create a sample and get back to you

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Thank you SOOO much @Sravan_S!!!

So, can you try https://codesandbox.io/s/intelligent-brahmagupta-rpkx2


  • Add appId and userId in /src/Chat/Index.jsx
  • Hover on chat icon
  • Click on an avatar to start chat

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@Sravan_S Awesome! many thanks! sending it now to the customer for their feedback :slight_smile:

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