Push Notification Title

I know there was a question about push notification titles already, and it seems like it’s impossible to configure notifications to support titles, but it seems critical for group chats. Ideally, we should be able to do something like this:

Title: {channel_name}
Body: {sender_name}: {message}

If it’s a big lift to start supporting custom titles, can you guys add an option to simply enable/disable the title key that is always equal to {channel_name} ? It would cover like 98% of all use cases where the title is necessary.

At the moment displaying something like “{sender_name} in {channel_name}: {message}” doesn’t really work when the channel name is quite long. The message itself is not visible. But showing only “{sender_name}: {message}” does not provide the context – to which group chat the message was sent.


Hi @vlad

You can edit a title to be anything you want ( it will be the same title for every push notification) or nothing at all. Please can you help to explain further your use case?

For example.

title:hello_world, body:{message} --> Every push notification will have a title of “hello_world”.


body:{message} --> Every push notification will have no title.

@Jason, it looks like the notification message is simply treated as plain text.

I need the push notification alert dictionary to be something like this:

“alert” : {
     “title” : “My group chat”,
     “body” : “User One: Message”,

If I do what you say, I end up having this:

“alert” : {
     “body” : “title:hello_world, body:Test Message”,

Hi @vlad

I heard from our iOS engineering team that they are working to fix the point that you raised here. I will get in touch once it has been released.

@Jason oh, so good to hear. Thank you Jason.

Hi @vlad

Just a short FYI to say that title has been added as push notification template option. The new Dashboard form to add the title was released this afternoon.