Not getting push title in notification payload in default templete

Hi all,
we are manually changed default templete in send bird dashbord wi following Text message Title as “New meaages” and Body text as “you got message” but in android we are not getting Title in payload. messageTitle = (String) sendbird.get(“push_title”); so please help with this issue how we can get the title.


I responded to a support case that someone else on your team submitted. It looks like your android notifications are using the Alternative template, which does not have a title specified. If you specify the template and test again, are you receiving the same behavior?

Hi Tyler,
Thanks for the quick response
I checked both temple but not getting title.

Thank and regards
Namdev Deshmukh

Hi, @Namdev_Deshmukh
This issue was resolved!
Please try it again!

Before you received notifications, you must set push template!

SendBird.setPushTemplate(SendBird.PUSH_TEMPLATE_ALTERNATIVE, new SendBird.SetPushTemplateHandler() {
    public void onResult(SendBirdException e) {
        if (e != null) {
            // Handle error.

        // Push template successfully set to 'SendBird.PUSH_TEMPLATE_ALTERNATIVE'.