Push Notifications in Expo

I am currently developing an app using Expo’s managed workflow and I am trying to figure out how to implement push notifications from SendBird. However, SendBird’s and Expo’s documentation on this are wildly different, and both are different from Firebase Cloud Messaging’s docs. SendBird’s docs say that React Native Firebase is required, while Expo claims that it supports the basic Firebase JavaScript SDK and seems to have its own setup for push notifications that - as far as I can tell - requires it to be sent from their own server.

Needless to say, I’m extremely confused and have no idea whose docs to follow or which parts of the docs to combine. If anyone could please give me some guidance on this, I would be extremely grateful. I’m new to all three of these techs (SendBird, Expo, and FCM), so I’m sorry if I don’t have all the necessary info here.

Hi @Sabelyn Unfortunately, I can’t really said which one is correct or not. But If you already implement push notification through Expo, then only thing you need to do is find out register push token callback on expo setup. Use sendbird sdk to register device token from there and you are all set! Let me know if you have any troubles.

I’m afraid your answer isn’t very clear. However, I received some advice through email from another SendBird dev that suggested using the webhooks API to send requests to expo’s push notification service, thus handling things more in the backend and using expo to receive notifications on the front end.

Or, just eject to the bare workflow and use react-native-firebase instead, which is honestly what my team is headed for anyway as we keep running into walls with expo.