Push notifications

I see a lot of documentation about push notifications with IOS and mobile devices. Would someone please point me to a step-by-step guide using the JavaScript API? Thank you.

Hi @rburton,

Are you looking to have push notifications in the browser or though a React Native app?

No. It is a Vue app. From my perusal through the documentation it seems that WebHooks is my answer. Is there any particular documentation on using Web Hooks with the JavaScript SDK? Thank you.

So its a Vue App in the browser. You can technically utilized push notifications in the browser but you’d have to implement a Progressive Web App, which we do not provide documentation for. Additionally, we do not provide any specific documentation on how to utilize webhooks. Every customers use case for webhooks is likely unique to them. You’d want to start off by building out your webserver that accepts webhooks (I personally use express with NodeJS). Then from there, you can utilize the data in the webhooks to do whatever you need.

Is this documentation out of date Webhooks | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs?

Sorry for the confusion. I should have clarified. We do have documentation on webhooks in general. We do not have documentation on how you might utilize those webhooks with Javascript.

I miss the distinction between ‘Platform API’ and ‘JavaScript Chat SDK’