On app opened callback on Push notification click

I am using Javascript SDK to add chat support to my react native application. I am able to receive the push notification successfully on iOS app. But I do not receive any callback in JS layer when the push notification is clicked to open the app. I will need the data like channel details for deeplinking purposes in the callback.

I checked the sample codes and documentations. I couldn’t find any. The android notifications works just fine as it used FCM. the firebase.messaging() callbacks are triggered properly on Android.

I just need the equivalent for iOS.

Please point me to right document or sample codes

Hello, @pragadeesh.kanagavel and welcome to the community!

Can you please attach the piece of code where you receive the push?

Hi @walter.rodriguez,

I am not receiving any callback for iOS. Even the ones I should be receiving when there is a new notification. On Android, I am successfully receiving messaging().onMessage and messaging().onNotificationOpenedApp callbacks from Firebase. As iOS uses APNS, these are not being triggered. I also tried adding native iOS code in Objective-C layer. I am able to receive didReceiveRemoteNotification and didReceiveNotificationResponse callbacks there. But I am not able to drill that to JS layer. I understand, I can write native modules to take the events to JS layer. But isn’t there any way to handle this in sendbird SDK itself?

Sendbird SDK for only receiving the push notification but then, clicking and calling your application depends on your implementation.

@walter.rodriguez I understand App need to handle the routing on clicking the push notification. I thought the callbacks will be delivered by the SDK. I also understand it is a plain Javascript SDK and handling push is out of scope. Thanks for clarifying

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