Questions about UIKit for React

Hello, I have a question about UIKit for React.

The UIKit for React version I want to use is v3, and it seems that the version is continuously updated through GitHub.

I know that there are three steps to customize UIKit for React as soon as I received it through email.

  1. Use top-level modules
  2. Use provider and UI components
  3. Build your own custom UI component

Here is what I’m curious about.


I want to add new buttons or features on UIKit for react.

I want to add a new features on the channel list module(<ChannelList/&rt;).

// ChannelList module that 'sendbird' provides looks like this

<ChannelList channelUrl=”” />

It will be rendered like this

If we want to add new button with new features on the left of the exisiting (+) button (=make a group channel button), should we have to think of it as situation 3?

Should I have to make my own custom UI component and combine with making channel button that ‘sendbird’ provided?


I got the email that sendbird provided bundled esmodules about smart component.
As you know, we open-sourced UIKit here. (
And src/smart-components are the UIKit implementation we open as a bundle(esm)(
Customers can do whatever they want to do with it.

A caveat:
 * customers cannot receive support for UIKit that is branched out of the trunk and modified.
 * it will not be easy to keep up with UIKit upgrade releases down the line.

I think that repository is a quick start UIKit code for React.

I don’t think it’s made into a library by modularizing only for smart components, so I’m asking how to import and use them.

Should I have to download that directory and use or import on my own directory?

Or Is there any library to import smart components?

I would appreciate it if sendbird reply.

Hi @Junhee_Lee,

I apologize for our delayed response on this. Let me connect with the team to see if I can provide you with a comprehensive response. As soon as I have more information, I’ll let you know.


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Hi @Tyler

I understand your mention.

Don’t worry about it, I am learning other feature like ‘direct call’.

Can I ask one more question?

Can I make a ‘group call’ in ‘group channel’ by using sendbird apis?

I learned that direct call in channel is possible, but there is no document on the situation of making a group call on the group channel.

For now, I’m trying to make these feature.

Do you guys think that I can solve this problem?

Hi @Junhee_Lee,

You would need to utilize a room for this. Anything outside of a 1:1 would need to have a room created. So the flow would be more like letting the channel know that user XYZ has created a room, and then having each user click to join.

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