React Native Push Notifications Android Not Working, Test From Dashboard Works

Like the title says chat push notifications for my RN Android app don’t seem to be working but I can see that the token is registered to the user and sending a test noficiation from sendbird works with the event handler and everything being triggered, it is just chat messages that aren’t working for some reason. They seem to work fine on iOS, any help is appreciated, thanks.

They’ve started working again but I would still like to know any reason why they weren’t working on android last night

Hello @cloud, and welcome to the Sendbird community!

Could you please DM me your application ID and channel URL that you were using to test push notifications in your application? I will look into this for you.

Hey @cloud, moving our conversation back to this thread.

I took a look at the push notifications for the channel_url you sent. Sendbird was sending requests to FCM, but we were receiving an error because the device token was not registered at the time of your tests.