React Native with Sendbird JavaScript SDK can't receive push notification

Hi, I’m currently working on React Native application and using Sendbird JavaScript SDK for handling chat functionality. The problem is the app can’t receive push notification when receiving chat from other users (even if it’s already offline, checked from user status from Sendbird dashboard) and Sendbird Dashboard’s FCM push notification tester (it throws an error "Couldn’t send push notification. - Something went wrong. Please try again.). Using the same FCM token, it can receives push notification from Firebase directly.

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[SDK Version]
@sendbird/chat”: “^4.7.2”

[Reproduction Steps]

  • Receive new chat from other user → PN not received
  • Use Sendbird Dashboard’s FCM push notification tester → PN not received and throws an error
  • Use Firebase dashboard to send PN → PN received


[Current impact]
The user can’t receive PN when there’s incoming chat