[Recording] Can I record audio only in SMALL_ROOM_FOR_VIDEO type?

[I’d like to record audio only in Group Call]
I’m making web service with Sendbird, this app needs to have online meeting service with camera.
So, I’ve downloaded quick start demo and changed something for concepts of my web service while I’m having SMALL_ROOM_FOR_VIDEO type.

I have enabled CloudRecording over my dashboard and checked recorded file uploaded to Sendbird’s cloud storage.

I don’t need video recording but audio recording only, so I changed call type to LARGE_ROOM_FOR_AUDIO_ONLY.
But I can’t use video, I’ve already set videoEnabled: true though.

My issue is:
Need to use camera while having online meeting.
But don’t need video and audio file, only audio file is needed.

Thank you in advance. :slightly_smiling_face: