Regression in v4 - role for non-operator group channel members is null, should be 'none'

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As the title states, my team and I are seeing role values of null when the typings clearly show:

export declare enum Role {
  OPERATOR = 'operator',
  NONE = 'none',

We believe this to be a regression, either in the typings or in the actual backend response from sendbird.

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@sendbird/chat 4.1.0

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Simply call await groupChannelCollection.loadMore() and observe the data returned by it. Notice specifically in each channel.members, some of the members should have

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Each time we call loadMore() we see this issue.

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For now, we have avoided this issue instead of explicitly using member.role === 'none' to member.role !== 'operator' this is of course a quick fix and i can imagine scenarios where people would want to use member.role === 'none'. So, this is either a typeing issue (i.e. the role enum is no longer ‘operator’ or ‘none’, but instead 'operator and null - or this is a true regression, and role statuses are not being hydrated from sendbird’s side

Hi @fullStackChris !

Sorry for the late response.
Our engineering team tested our latest version, v4.1.0 and v4.2.3 and it looks fine.

const params = {};
const channel = await user.sendbird.groupChannel.createChannel(params);

then the channel.myRole is correctly set to 'none'
you can test this in CSB.

Could you please check and provide more info?

  1. Create a channel without an operator set and see if channel.myRole is set to none.
  2. In which scenario/condition is channel.myRole set to null?