Seet user as an operator for existing group channel

Hello, trying to use mute feature for group channels

Already have group channel with user A and user B
Have linked user A with a member from the dashboard’s organization
As user A trying to add user A id as an operator via channel.addOperators([‘12345’])
Getting Not authorized. “User is not an operator.” error

Hi @vladimir.litvinov and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

The user adding any user as Operator must be an operator
User A is not an operator so it can’t assign itself as operator.

You can assign user A as operator when creating the Channel. Something like:

  var params = new sb.GroupChannelParams();
  params.addUserIds(["A", "B"]);
  params.operatorUserIds = ['A'];
  sb.GroupChannel.createChannel(params, function (groupChannel, error) {
    if (error) {
    } else {
      console.log("Channel created", groupChannel);

Hi Walter! Appreciate you for the quick response,
The user adding any user as Operator must be an operator in this specific channel, correct?
Have I any options to assign an operator for existing group channel without operators?

Yes, for this specific channel :slight_smile:

Could you please confirm or deny?

You can do this with Platform API:

And what can I do in my specific case if I have no operator in the channel?

From SDK only you can’t…

I suppose only Moderation Tool could help in this case?

You mean from your Dashboard?

Yes, or maybe something else, please clarify

From Dashboard you can enter any of your channels and Ban, Mute or Deactivate any user, yes.