Request user list by nickname

Hello, is it possible to get a user listing filtered by nickname? (Just like how we request channel listing by channel names.)

Hi Harrison.

Hope you are well. Please can you explain a little further. Are you looking to filter users by nickname for your whole organization, or for one Sendbird chat channel?

Hi @Supertopoz, thanks for your reply. My apologies for not giving out enough information.

I would like to filter users by nickname for the whole organization. Basically, I have implemented a search functionality in the app which will allow users to search for people by name within the organization.

Hi Again Harrison.

I understand. What you are requesting isn’t possible at the moment due to the performance impact it has on Sendbird. As you can imagine some of our customers have 10s of millions of users.

Please, can I ask your use case for looking up all of your users?

Perhaps you could build your own backend and user search feature.

We do have the ability to fetch users based on their metadata so you could create and fetch groups of users and search within that group on the client side.

Add user metadata

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