Flutter Sendbird Sdk ApplicationUserListQuery nickname contains support

Hi I’m using sendbird_sdk to implement chatting solution in our application(Not yet migrated to v4). I want to search users by nickname and ApplicationUserListQuery only has nicknameStartsWith property… Is there any way to search users by nickname contains just like Querying Channels with channelNameContainsFilter property? If it’s not possible I want to request this feature…

Thank you.

[SDK Version]
sendbird_sdk: ^3.2.14

Hello @dev.jsds,

Unfortunately, the corresponding API that the SDK calls does not support a contains and only supports a startsWith filter.

@Tyler Hi thanks for the immediate response.

Is there a reason why this feature is not supported? I don’t think this is difficult to implement in terms of technicality…

@dev.jsds Technicality speaking, you’re right. It’s quite easy to implement. However, a LIKE query in SQL is rather inefficient and heavy so it’s likely something we opted not to support.

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