Restrict access of organization member to a single application


We were wondering if it were possible to set specific permissions per member per application rather than generally in the organization. Specifically, we are writing automated test code and we would like our service account to be able to create/delete an application but not delete our production application.

Thank you!

Are you using the API, or are you trying to automate this through the Sendbird Dashboard?

Thanks for the response! We would be happy manually restricting these permissions through the dashboard. Using the API is also fine. Any solution would be great.

What I meant is your test script you are trying to run using the API, or against the Dashboard UI?

If you are testing using the API, you’d have to use a separate organization.

If you are using the Dashboard, you can restrict a member to a specific set of applications using a role. But you’d only be able to add an organization. Once it is added, you’d have no visibility to it anymore to delete it, unless you manually add it using an account that has access to that application.

Unfortunately it would be using the API. And there’s no way to create a separate organization under the same plan right?

DM me your info, including your org id. I’ll see if there is anything we can do here. Likely won’t be able to get back to you until middle of next week at the earliest, as most people are off Friday & Monday.