Sandbox environment for testing proposal

Hi all.
I have a question regarding creating an environment for testing. In my scenario, I want to have one environment for production, so that the messages of my customer will be managed.
However, I would like to have another env so that I can develop/test my solution without impact on my production environment.

It’s possible to create applications, so do two applications could be created to separate these environments? If so, how can I set up permissions for another developer to have full access in a test environment and only some in the production one?

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Hi @elias.queiroga - welcome to the Sendbird community!

You are right, you will have to create two apps to separate out the environments. To control the access to the apps, you can create custom roles at the app level.

Thanks a lot for your message.

But, is it possible to give different permissions to two different apps for one user? I mean, there are two apps, Test and Prod, so the user1 has only view permissions to Prod and all permissions to Test, then I want to set different permissions so that one user can access different apps with different permissions.


Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be possible as the role doesn’t allow defining different permissions for different apps, and the user can have only one role at a time.

Let me look around if there are other ways to achieve it.

Hi @elias.queiroga - at this point, it can be done by using the different users only. So maybe the individual user accounts can be given developer access, and create a common user to provide the production read-only access.

Hi, thanks for your message.