Retrieve a list of messages I have been mentioned in?

Is there a way I can get a list of all messages where x user id has been mentioned in them?

I’m not finding any solution on sendbird sdk docs or platform api docs

The only solution I can come up with is to hook into sendbird webhooks and store this data in our database.
We were trying to avoid saving data like this.

Or is there an endpoint I can pass an array of message ids to and only return those messages?

If there isn’t a way to do these, how long would it take to implement? I’m sure many other clients of sendbird would need this feature also

Hello @SamKK. Unfortunately, we don’t have it now. Could you tell us more regarding the use case for retrieving a list of messages in which X user has been mentioned?

Hey @SamKK,

I believe if you are using the Platform API, you can use this call:

GET https://api-{application_id}{channel_type}/{channel_url}/messages 

Based on the response, you can do a filter on the resulting messages where user x has been mentioned as the returned result contains mentioned users.