Retrieve list of messages for a chat conversation

Hi! Can anyone clarify which plan I would need if I want to be able to fetch the list of the messages for a chat conversation in order to back them up? Thanks

Hello @vitobrella Welcome to the Sendbird community!

You can retrieve the list of messages using any plan which we have. For initial testing purposes, you can do it using your free trial account, and once all is good you can contact our sales team for more information about the plans.

For more details about pricing plans please refer to: Sendbird Pricing

Let me know if this helps.

HI! Thanks for your reply. We seem to have a private plan not listed on the website, and when I try to access a conversation from the dashboard I am told I don’t have the moderator tool. When I make an API request to try to get the list of messages, I get a 400 error with no additional information so I don’t know what I am missing. Should I contact support for this kind of questions?

Hi @vitobrella, could you please share the API request that you made?

Hi, we are using the Ruby gem for API interactions (GitHub - GustavoCaso/sendbird). It has been working pretty well for a while but only now I was trying to fetch messages.

@vitobrella, could you please try making API calls using the Platform API and Postman? That repo you linked has not been updated in 2 years and is incomplete.

Here is the link to the Platform API docs:

If you could also DM me your app ID, I would like to look at the features available to you based on the subscription.

Hi Ian, I will try with a direct API call. I’ll DM you my app ID in a sec. Thanks

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