SB Webhook sends a GET request to Server

Can’t figure this out. It sends a GET request instead of post? Any idea?

Hi @benb,

Is there a specific webhook that is sending a GET? I’d like to take a look into this.


Thank you. Let me take a look and see if I can re-create.

Is there a way for me to message you / share my account info?

Definitely. You can DM me here on the community. Click my name and select message.

I took a quick peak at this. Using a tool like, I was able to validate that the webhooks I received from the server were POST events.

Could you utilize beeceptor and test on your application to see if you’re getting POST requests from your application?

I can only confirm that our server is receiving GET events. Beecepter and other endpoints successfully return POST requests, which our server never receives. I have set up both a GET and POST endpoint in the express server so that I could further debug this on-server. Requests from SB never hit our POST endpoint. In which cases would SB send a GET request from a Webhook server if ever?

There does not appear to be any instance where we send a GET request when sending a webhook. Could you share me your express server configuration via DM ?