SBDGroupChannel's getUndeliveredMemberCount giving incorrect count and delegate not being called

Hi, I wanted to check whether my msg has been delivered. But, in my case, channelDidUpdateDeliveryReceipt delegate method is not being called when I send a message to an online user. Also even if another user is offline, I am still getting 0 count against getUndeliveredMemberCount(message) method.

Need help.


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In regards to delivery receipts, do you have a plan that includes delivery receipts? This feature is only included in certain plans. Could you please DM me your APP_ID?


Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your reply. My app_id is {Removed by Staff}

@AliShahid89 ,

It looks like @Asem created a topic for this yesterday. We’re still waiting for a response from them in regards to a change we made on our end. Are you still experiencing this problem since my post yesterday?

Post for reference: ChannelHandler.onDeliveryReceiptUpdated is not calling

Yes. I am still facing it.

If you go into your Sendbird Dashboard and then go into the Settings of the application in question. Under Features, is Delivery Receipts enabled?


@AliShahid89 @Asem,

Delivery receipts was not enabled on the production application. I enabled it for you. Please test again. You’ll want to enable it for all of your testing applications as well.

Thanks @Tyler. Will test it and let you know. Cheers!

@Tyler thanks for the update. I’ve tested it and seems like it’s still not working when sender is Android and receiver is Web. If both are on Android, it works fine. To be specific, the issues are;

  1. The callback onDeliveryReceiptUpdated is not being invoked on sending a message. I’ve tested it with the recipient being in both online and offline states. Also, I’ve noticed that onDeliveryReceiptUpdated is being invoked at message receiving end when the other user sends a messages. Strange.
  2. getUndeliveredMemberCount is always returning 1 no matter the recipient is in online or offline state. According to tutorial,
    When a message is delivered to an online group channel member, it is automatically marked as delivered and the other online members are notified of delivery receipt through the onDeliveryReceiptUpdated() method

Please note that, in my app, we are using GroupChannel for one to one chat implementation.

Looking forward to your response.

An official support case as been opened for this issue. We’ll resume conversations there.