Scanning IPA file. Assertion failed: Expected 4 archs in otool output

Hello Team,
Recently i installed SendBirdDesk framework in to my Project. Support chatting is working fine. But While creating AD-Hoc production IPA file, i am getting issues and IPA is not generating at App Thinning process. It given Error Report blog. In that blog, i saw that, issues with SendBirdDesk Framework. Kindly please crosse check the issue given below

Assertion failed: Expected 4 archs in otool output:
Mach header
** magic cputype cpusubtype caps filetype ncmds sizeofcmds flags**
MH_MAGIC_64 X86_64 ALL 0x00 DSYM 6 3696 0x00000000

Because of this, my app is not getting upload in to AppStore properly. Apple Team is not accepting the build, it shows always “Processing” in AppStore Build Activity.

Would you please help on this issues, where am doing mistake. Thank you for your support.