Set operators via web interface / dashboard?


Two questions…

1: Is it possible to set an operator / moderator for a group via the web interface? I can’t seem to find that if its an option.

2: Is it possible to set a particular user to be an operator / moderator for every group they are in? Like some kind of a global operator / moderator?



  1. You can link a member from your dashboard’s organization to a user. Then register this user as an operator to chat and moderate other users in your dashboard.

  2. If a user is designated as an operator as above, this user doesn’t need to be joined to a channel to moderate. Instead, this user can moderate in your dashboard.
    In addition, you can register one or more operators to a group channel using this API. This kind of operators need to join a channel to moderate a channel.

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Got it thanks @Brian_Sang sounds like the web experience is separate from whatever we use sendbird to create in terms of moderation?

The dashboard’s role is to monitor and moderate messages and users that use Sendbird Chat SDK.

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