Sendbird and cypress

We use cypress for front end testing and github actions for CI.
By far my biggest challenge when writing tests is the response time of sendbird in CI. However, since message requests in sendbird chats are not originated from our app, I am not able to intercept them in cypress and stubb out responses to speed up/fortify the tests.

Does anyone have any tips on integrating sendbird into cypress testing? Unfortunately we can’t simply ignore it as chat is a fully integrated component of many of our features.

Hi @mike_visser - welcome to the Sendbird community!

Sorry for the delayed response. Which SDK are you using? It sounds like essentially you are looking for the ways to stub out the Sendbird calls for your unit testing, right?

Hi @taha.saghir , Thanks for the response. That’s exactly what I’m looking to do, but the problem was that we are not generating some of our automated messages from the front end so I wasn’t able to intercept the messages when we posted them.

Long story short, I got to chat with the sendbird folks at office hours the other day and while talking to them I realized I should be able to pull the messages from our back end directly and not need to engage with sendbird at all.

I haven’t done the work yet but in theory I should be all set.

Thanks for the update @mike_visser. Please feel free to reach out if you have any follow-up questions.