Typescript error when initializing Sendbird Desk


TS2345: Argument of type SendbirdChatWith<GroupChannelModule[]> is not assignable to parameter of type SendbirdGroupChat
Type SendbirdChatWith<GroupChannelModule[]> is not assignable to type { groupChannel: GroupChannelModule; }
Types of property groupChannel are incompatible.
Type Omit<GroupChannelModule, keyof Module> is missing the following properties from type GroupChannelModule: name, moduleSpecifier

[SDK Version]
@sendbird/chat: “4.12.8”
sendbird-desk: “1.1.2”

[Reproduction Steps]
Use the code in the documentation: Create your first ticket | Desk JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs

import SendbirdChat from '@sendbird/chat'
import { GroupChannelModule } from '@sendbird/chat/groupChannel'
import SendBirdDesk, { Ticket } from 'sendbird-desk'

const params = {
  appId: APP_ID,
  modules: [new GroupChannelModule()],
const sb = SendbirdChat.init(params)
await sb.connect(USER_ID, ACCESS_TOKEN)
SendBirdDesk.init(sb, 'web')
//                             ^
// the TS error is shown for this `sb` instance 

any progress with this typing issue ? someone will address it ?