Sendbird dashboard does not display desk ticket created via API

I created a desk ticket via API successfully, but i don’t see the ticket display on Sendbird dashboard.
Or maybe I missed any logic to display on dashboard.
Please help to check.

Hello @zdungx,

Until a customer sends the first message, agents can’t see the ticket on the dashboard.

There are two ways to send a message as a customer

  1. Using Chat SDK - As SendBird instance in a client app is connected to Sendbird server, Desk related events are delivered to the Chat SDK’s event handlers. The event handlers receive callbacks from the server through the onMessageReceived() , onUserJoined() , and other event callback methods.

  2. Using Platform API - When you create a ticket using Desk platform api an channelUrl is generated in response using that you can send a message using Chat SDK Platform API

Hi @uday.bhaskar
thank you for your quick response.
So we must send a message as a customer to display the desk ticket on Sendbird Dashboard. right?
I will use Platform API.

Yeah it is mandatory to send a first message as customer to display the ticket created in the dashboard.

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