Sendbird Flutter v4.0.5 - onChannelsAdded in GroupChannelCollectionHandler doesn't update Group Channel List

onChannelsAdded in GroupChannelCollectionHandler doesn’t update Group Channel List

I recently updated to v4.0.5 of your flutter chat sdk, and I have been testing both your example app and my app. I am testing using a GroupChannelCollection.

In both apps whenever I create a new Group channel, onChannelsAdded should be called and the GroupChannel collection should be updated without needing to refresh, but nothing happens, unless I exit the page and load it again. This is not the case for onChannelsUpdated function which works correctly.

[SDK Version]

[Reproduction Steps]
To reproduce:
1.Run your example repository on two different emulators (GitHub - sendbird/sendbird-chat-sample-flutter)
2. Have both emulators open on the “Group Channels” screen, and on one emulator login as user A and on the other as user B. User B should be on the group channel list screen
3. User A creates a group channel and invites User B to it. As User B I don’t see that channel appear on in the Group channels list unless I exit that screen and reload.

This always happens

[Current impact]
Makes it impossible to switch to v4


Any update on this issue? I am facing the same on the android side