GroupChannelCollection `onChannelsAdded` not trigger when user does not have any channels before

Hi, I’m facing a problem that the group channel collection handler not trigger properly when user does not have any joined channels before.


  1. initialJoinedChannels is empty
  2. user join a channel
  3. onChannelsAdded not trigger (Unexpected)
  4. refresh page
  5. initialJoinedChannels has one channel one (expected)
  6. user join another channel
  7. onChannelsAdded trigger properly (expected)
const groupChannelFilter = new GroupChannelFilter();
groupChannelFilter.includeEmpty = true;

const collection = sb.groupChannel.createGroupChannelCollection({
  filter: groupChannelFilter,
  order: GroupChannelListOrder.LATEST_LAST_MESSAGE,
  limit: PAGE_SIZE,

  onChannelsAdded: (c, channels) => {"On channels added", c.source);
  onChannelsUpdated: (c, channels) => {"On channels updated", c.source);
  onChannelsDeleted: (c, channelIds) => {"On channels delted", c.source);

const initialJoinedChannels = await collection.loadMore();

refs @sendbird/chat": "4.0.0-beta.9