Sendbird issue while running in release mode

Hi, while i am using sendbird in release mode it is getting crash and showing this error
Unhandled JS Exception: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: n, stack

can you please help me to find this issue and resolve?

Hello @Nupur_Sharma,

Could you please provide additional details such as the Chat SDK version, UIKit version, the error message/stack trace, reproductions steps, and any screenshots that we could use to assist you?

Ok , i will provide you today, the screenshots, and reproduce steps of error

Hi Sendbird community, I have uploaded the screen recording where i am getting crash in release mode as well as screen shot where logs are showing the error of cant find variable n
also attached my package .json which contains the versions of uikit , chat

please check

(Attachment Screen Recording 2023-05-01 at 11.29.11 is missing) (1.93 KB)

Hi lan, When can I see Response from your side?

Hello @Nupur_Sharma,

Please see the following thread: Fatal Exception in Release versions of iOS/Android App - #12 by Tyler

To summarize: Our Engineering team did a deep dive on the topic and determined that this is no longer an issue when using React-Native v.065 or higher. This is an error within Metro Bundler (reference).