Sendbird Push Tokens not working

I had Push Tokens working with SendbirdUIKit on IOS. I recently updated SendbirdUIKit and Sendbird Chat and now let token = SendbirdChat.getPendingPushToken() is always returning nil (when I know that I already have access from the machine for notifications). I am currently reading out the internal device token so I know that it is being issued and then i am using the command SendbirdUI.registerPush(deviceToken: deviceToken) { (success) in print(success)}. This is reporting that it isnt successful, since the user isnt logged in yet, but then it should trigger later on with the getPendingPushToken method above. Is there any reason why this would happen? Its also not an issue with my certificates since I just re uploaded them to verify and it still isnt working.

Hi @PatrickAzul ,

Have you tried to send a push message via Push notification tester(link)?
Could you check if the device token was issued correctly? Also, you might refer to the iOS push troubleshooting guide.

I am unable to try to send a push message via Push notification tester, since it is having problems registering the Push Tokens with Sendbird. The device token is being issued properly internally, since I can print it out, and I am sending it to Sendbird. Once the user has logged in, it tries to log into Sendbird and then see if there are any pending Push Tokens. That is the part that is failing with the more recent versions of SendbirdUIkit and SendbirdChat. If I revert the pod update on SendbirdUIKit and Sendbird Chat then it is recieveing the push tokens like normal.


Could you send your application ID and test user Id via DM? I’ll take a look at logging and see what I can find.

Hi @PatrickAzul

We had a bug on the iOS push token that will not be registered because it is removed from SDK when it’s on pending status (A user tries to register the push token before connecting to Sendbird).
If you are using Chat iOS SDK v4.3.1 ~ v4.5.0 (4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.4.0, 4.5.0), please update the ChatSDK to the latest version(v4.5.3)