SendBird UIKit - Create/Leave group notified to all group members

Hi, Technical Team
If user-created or leave the group other members of the group should notify their creation and leave group activity just like in whatsap. Is there any way to implement this feature or you can guide me there that would be helpful.


Could you clarify a bit as to what you’re expecting? Im not sure I follow 100%. Are you saying that when a user creates or leaves a group, other members should be notified?


Hi @Tyler
Let me give you an example.
e.g If 5 people are in a group, one of them is the creator, When the creator created a group the other 4 notified in chat screen just like in WhatsApp, that “Jack created a group” and when someone left the group then the other 4 notified in the chat screen, that “Jack left the group”.


Thank you for the clarification. Users leaving the channel could be handled one of two ways. We have built in within the dashboard, an option to automatically alert a channel when a user leaves. This would automatically send an ADMN message to the channel that User X has left. Here is an example:

Alternatively, you could utilize webhooks to listen for the left event, and then send an ADMN message to the channel with a custom message of your choice.

The creation method does have something similar to the built in method however, it does not explicitly state who created the chat. See screenshot below:

Again, you could utilize webhooks to listen for the creation event and send an ADMN message with any custom message you would prefer.


please refer to where you can find channel:userDidJoin: or channel:userDidLeave:

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